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Whos Who in Sitcom Production

Are you trying to get your work read? Are you sick of waiting for BBC Writers Room to not read your script and send it back 3 months later?

If you are, screw that! take the goose by its horns and send your script direct to production companies. Yes alot of them will just say they do not accept unsolicited material, but a few will actually take the time to read it and even better give you some feedback! Here is a list of production companies to sink your teeth into. Find a name and send them your script. What’s the worst that could happen? a few hours wasted.

If you write it they will come!

Objective Productions
Shows include – Peep Show, Pete Vs Life, Balls Of Steel, Ricky Gervais Meets

Talkback Thames
Shows include – I’m Alan Partridge, Brass Eye, The IT Crowd, Phone Shop

Tiger Aspect
Shows include – Mr. Bean, Blackadder, Grandma’s House

Shows include – Nathan Barley, Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe

Shows include – Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace, TV Burp, Not Going Out

Baby Cow
Shows include – The Mighty Boosh, The Trip, Gavin & Stacey

Big Talk
Shows include – Him & Her, Rev, Friday Night Dinner

Jelly Legs Productions
Shows include – The Royle Family, Early Doors, The Cafe

Hat Trick Prodcutions
Shows include – Fonejacker, Father Ted, Game On

Absolutely Productions
Shows Include – Trigger Happy TV, Stressed Eric

Rough Cut TV
Shows Incluce – Trollied, Anna & Katy

Bwark Productions
Shows Include – The Inbetweens, The Persuasionists

Left Bank Pictures
Shows include – School of Comedy

Busby Productions
Shows include – The Worst Week of My Life

Green Inc.
Shows include – Ask Rhod Gilbert

Angel Eye Media
Shows include – Cowards, The Estate Agents

So don’t be a schmuck, get sending now! and remember me when you are famous.


Man makes Larry David out of paper

Not much to say here but look at this, a man has made Larry David out of paper.

I think it is one of the best ‘Larry David made out of paper’s I have ever seen!

It was originally posted here

Gervais reveals whats in the pipeline

Apparently there are some people who aren’t on Twitter, and even more bizarrely apparently there are people who are on Twitter but aren’t following Ricky Gervais. Well if you are in one of these brackets, you might not know whats coming in the future from King Rick.

Don’t worry, because I am not, and I am willing to repeat him.

Gervais revealed on Twitter today that him and Merchant are planning a 2nd series of Life’s Too Short for Spring 2013 as well as an ‘Idiot Abroad’ special co-starring Warwick Davis called ‘The Short Way Round’ is planned for late next year.

Ricky didn’t mention his ‘Derek’ sitcom, although we know that this too is being planned / made.

Excellent news indeed.

Chris Morris to Direct Veep Episodes and HBO Releases (Short) Teaser Trailer

HBO have released a short (very short) teaser trailer for Veep. To be honest the trailer isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the fact that the series is written by Armando Iannucci, and ┬áthe fact that Armando has confirmed Chris Morris will direct some of the episodes is probably the most exciting thing in the world.

The show stars Seinfeld/Curb star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a disconbobulated vice-president, who is not content with the role.  Many are comparing the character to Sarah Palin.

As usual there is the worry with an American remake of a British idea that it might become too American, but if can trust anyone to keep it as we like it it’s Iannucci (Morris also).

For those of you who didnt make it to the end of the trailer (all 27 seconds of it), the show is coming to HBO in April 2012. It will be shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

Chris Lilley’s ‘Angry Boys’ Coming Soon

I have just seen the trailer to ‘Angry Boys’, the new sitcom from ‘Summer Heights High’ creator Chris Lilley and I am very excited. If its anywhere near as good as Summer Heights High, it will be amazing. Not much has been revealed about the show yet.

The show is said to examine what it is like being a male in the 21st century; 12 half hour episode are scheduled to air on ABC in 2011.


Excited Yet? Behind the Scenes of Curb season 8

No date has been given as far as I can see, but this preview has been released for the new Curb.

The season is set in New York, the city in which Larry grew up in, HBO have been very secretive so there is very little more information available, although by now everyone should know that Ricky Gervais is guest starring in at least 1 episode.

When we get more information, you will be the first to know.

Gervais and Bacon call Dilkington on 5Live

Ricky Gervais made a surprise call to Karl on Richard Bacon’s Five Live show today.

Karl was his usual happy self.

As always, Very Very Funny!