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Official ‘An Idiot Abroad’ website goes live

The official website of Karl Pilkington’s new Sky One show ‘An Idiot Abroad’ has been launched.

The website is great, it has loads of funny pictures of Karl’s travels as well as excerpts for the accompanying book.

Here is a good one from his time in Egypt:

“I was told how it was only one of the Pyramids that was a Wonder of the World, even though there are three of them, which is odd, as they all look the same. It’s the Great Pyramid that’s the official Wonder. I’d be annoyed if I was the builder who built one of the other two if my workmate was getting all the praise for building the ‘Great One’. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of the other builders who knocked the nose off the Sphinx in anger after hearing that news.”

Really cant wait for the show, which is apparently going to have 1 hour episodes also.

The website can be found at


One response

  1. Karl Pilkington.Where do you get these profound statements from?Example:You only need seven friends in the world,One for every day of the week.Thats so profound,if you got more your greedy but I havn’t reached seven yet.Karl your the greatest.haha

    December 30, 2011 at 11:56 pm

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