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Judd Apatow sitcom gets HBO pilot

American comedy powerhouse HBO has commissioned a pilot directed by Judd Apatow and writen by Lena Dunham.

The show is currently untitled, but follows the lives of a group of girls in their early twenties

Apatow is a famous american man, he rose to fame when he wrote and directed ‘Knocked Up’, and has since gone on to direct many films including ‘Funny People’ which wasnt actually funny, ‘Dont mess with the Zohan’ which also wasnt actually funny, but also Walk Hard which was, so its a mixed bag really.

Lena Dunham, I dont really know, maybe she is more known in the States, but I have never seen anything she has done, but there is quite a lot of hype around her apparently.

HBO is known for making good comedy, so hopefully this one  is more of a Knocked Up than a Dont Mess with the Zohan.


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