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Time Trumpet to be remade by Americans

Armando Iannucci’s 2006 classic ‘Time Trumpet’ is set to be remade for the American audience by US comedy channel Comedy Central.

The show which originally aired on the BBC and starred Iannucci, Stewart Lee, Richard Ayoade, Matt Holness among others, was somewhat of a cult classic, loved by many comedy fans, yet relatively unheard of compared to other Iannucci shows like I’m Alan Partridge and The Thick of it.

Whether this is good news of not, i am not sure of yet, it is a brilliant idea for a show (a spoof i love…. show set in the future) but nobody can ruin a good comedy like the Americans so we will probably have to wait and see.

The channel are to collaborate with Armando for the series which is to air late 2011. If it is ruined, we can still watch and re-watch and re-watch the original forever though because it is so good.


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