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The worlds most annoying man to make the world most annoying sitcom

Straight off of the success of the hit US smash “Shit my dad says” starring William Shatner, CBS is to make the world’s second sitcom adaptation of a twitter feed.

Twitter to TV, why hasnt this been done more i hear you ask? Because its the worst idea in the world.

CBS has announced it is going to make a sitcom out of Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Shhh dont tell Steve’ feed. In the feed Kutcher makes up updates on what a fictional roommate ‘Steve’ is doing.

Examples of the hilarity are “Steve, just now, yelling from our bathroom: ‘Total Asparagus pee bro! Come smell!'” and “Steve loudly challenging people to a drinking contest. Nobody biting, so he’s just doing shots and declaring himself the winner”.

The script deal has been signed and Kutcher is set as executive producer, we can only hope he doesnt want to star in it aswell, not that we will be watching.

My dad says ‘Shhhh Dont Tell Steve’ is shit!


One response

  1. Bennie

    Man I would not want to work on the set. It would be a riot, I bet Kuthcher will punkin’ everyones asses.

    September 29, 2010 at 4:34 pm

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