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Where to buy ‘An Idiot Abroad’ on DVD

Only an idiot would suggest that ‘An Idiot Abraod’ isn’t the best show of 2010, that’s why everybody should already be planning their series DVD purchase, when it comes out.

The DVD is released on the 15th of November, which gives you just under a month to save up.

Like all Ricky Gervais releases, it is timed perfectly for Christmas, which is a lucky coincidence.

If you were assuming as always Amazon would be the cheapest price, you just lost 5p pal, because i have found it cheaper for you.

Here are the places you can get it from –

Base – 12.95 – Pre-order available

Amazon – 12.99 – pre-order available

Or if you are an idiot, you could pay more and pay more delivery charges to give the money to the BBC, who blatently turned down the show, probably because it was actually funny, and they dont like that (and it didnt have Mranda Hart in it)


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