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New Royle Family Christmas Special Details Revealed

The BBC has revealed details of this years The Royle Family Christmas Special ‘Joe’s Crackers’.

The BBC’s press office has told us “It’s Christmas Day at the Royles and Barbara is up to her eyes in it as Jim is out of action due to an unfortunate incident in the precinct. Dave and Denise are obviously feeling the effect of the coalition the most and worry that Anthony’s lavish gifts will eclipse their present of a fridge magnet.

Joe reminisces about a tipsy evening of naked wrestling in front of the fire with Bobby Carter while Cheryl recounts her romantic encounter in the local supermarket car park”.

As you may know, BlueNun has always been huge fans of The Royle Family, but we have also noticed that they have been getting slightly worse every year, so we are in two minds when we hear there will be a new one every christmas, hopefully this year will buck the trend.

The rest of the BBC’s Christmas line up was also revealed today, other sitcoms included ‘Rock n Chips’ and ‘Come Fly with Me’, but they will both probably be crap so I’m not writing about them, watch your old Office and Extras christmas specials instead, and reminisce about when the BBC occasionally made good sitcoms.


One response

  1. Ian

    royle family is just so funny … i live in new zealand now and they just don’t get it

    i consider i have have sat mnay times on that sofa … i am related to most of the characters

    just checked the rest of the radio times listing and am so pleased that it is summer here

    December 19, 2010 at 12:01 am

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