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Gervais reveals whats in the pipeline

Apparently there are some people who aren’t on Twitter, and even more bizarrely apparently there are people who are on Twitter but aren’t following Ricky Gervais. Well if you are in one of these brackets, you might not know whats coming in the future from King Rick.

Don’t worry, because I am not, and I am willing to repeat him.

Gervais revealed on Twitter today that him and Merchant are planning a 2nd series of Life’s Too Short for Spring 2013 as well as an ‘Idiot Abroad’ special co-starring Warwick Davis called ‘The Short Way Round’ is planned for late next year.

Ricky didn’t mention his ‘Derek’ sitcom, although we know that this too is being planned / made.

Excellent news indeed.


Chris Morris to Direct Veep Episodes and HBO Releases (Short) Teaser Trailer

HBO have released a short (very short) teaser trailer for Veep. To be honest the trailer isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the fact that the series is written by Armando Iannucci, and  the fact that Armando has confirmed Chris Morris will direct some of the episodes is probably the most exciting thing in the world.

The show stars Seinfeld/Curb star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a disconbobulated vice-president, who is not content with the role.  Many are comparing the character to Sarah Palin.

As usual there is the worry with an American remake of a British idea that it might become too American, but if can trust anyone to keep it as we like it it’s Iannucci (Morris also).

For those of you who didnt make it to the end of the trailer (all 27 seconds of it), the show is coming to HBO in April 2012. It will be shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

Merchant stars in new Farrelly Brothers film ‘Hall Pass’

If you idiots were planning on watching a film in the next months, unless its ‘Hall Pass’ forget about it, because that is the only film anyone needs to watch this year.

Why? I hear you shout.

Farrelly Bros
Leon from Curb

Need I say more! Finally Merchant is in a big American film (excluding Tooth Fairy), surrounded by a cast of Bluenun favourites!

This is already in my top 5 all time films and I havent even seen it.

Watch the trailor and pencil it in to your diary immediately, it is out in the UK early 2011.

Malcolm Tucker’s guide to manging your public image

A nice fresh bit of Malcolm Tucker for you to promote the new book (see below, im not writing about it again)

BlueNun loves Malcolm Tucker.

A rare new interview with Chris Morris, Yeah?

Chris Morris Interview
The Sound of Young America

Wowzers, here is a rare interview with Chris Morris.

In this great interview for ‘The Sound of Young America’, Morris doesn’t just talk about his latest project ‘Four Lions’, he talks about his whole career, integrated with classic Morris sound bites.

I recommend this to all budding comedy writers as Chris goes in depth about his comedy, which is really interesting.

Chris is famous for his privacy and is known for not participating in interviews, so this is a little unusual, a real treat for any fans of Morris, it comes in the week of Four Lions’ American release.

Listen NOW!

New Alan Partridge trailer released

Here is the first trailer for the new series of Alan Partirdge for you eyes to see.

Although there is no words, the mannerisms and outfits of Partridge, still make me laugh, such is the power of Partridge.

I cant wait.

According to Armando Iannucci’s twitter, a short clip will be released soon.

Episode 1 goes live on at 11am on November 5th.

Big Talk’s ‘Him & Her’ gets second series

It has been announced today that BBC have commisioned another series of its Three show ‘Him and Her’.

The show that stars Russel Tovey and Sarah Solemani, was BBC Three biggest ever sitcom launch, so it is hardly surprising to see it return to our screens.

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC Three, says: ‘Him and Her was beautifully written and brilliantly performed. It went on to become BBC Three’s most successful ever sitcom launch. I’m delighted it’s coming back for a second series.’

Series 2 like the first series will be written by Steven Golaszewski.

Big talk’s chief executive Kenton Allen is set to produce the series, which will be filmed in 2011.