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New Royle Family Christmas Special Details Revealed

The BBC has revealed details of this years The Royle Family Christmas Special ‘Joe’s Crackers’.

The BBC’s press office has told us “It’s Christmas Day at the Royles and Barbara is up to her eyes in it as Jim is out of action due to an unfortunate incident in the precinct. Dave and Denise are obviously feeling the effect of the coalition the most and worry that Anthony’s lavish gifts will eclipse their present of a fridge magnet.

Joe reminisces about a tipsy evening of naked wrestling in front of the fire with Bobby Carter while Cheryl recounts her romantic encounter in the local supermarket car park”.

As you may know, BlueNun has always been huge fans of The Royle Family, but we have also noticed that they have been getting slightly worse every year, so we are in two minds when we hear there will be a new one every christmas, hopefully this year will buck the trend.

The rest of the BBC’s Christmas line up was also revealed today, other sitcoms included ‘Rock n Chips’ and ‘Come Fly with Me’, but they will both probably be crap so I’m not writing about them, watch your old Office and Extras christmas specials instead, and reminisce about when the BBC occasionally made good sitcoms.


King Rick graces the cover of The Big Issue

Like Gervais? Like Charity? good, then you’ll love November’s Big Issue which feature Reading’s favourite son on the cover. The issue features an in depth interview with Rick, in which he reveals “his conquering of America, being a late developer, and why he’s happy to have garnered acclaim in his 40’s”. We suggest you out and find a homeless man / woman (rarer) now and get a copy.

If you Like Gervais but don’t like charity, you could always buy Science on DVD instead, out next week.

In other Gervais news, Ricky has revealed on his blog that they have bounced an idea of Karl’s round head for series 2 of An Idiot Abroad that the Manc twat didnt actually hate. Fingers crossed.

Merchant stars in new Farrelly Brothers film ‘Hall Pass’

If you idiots were planning on watching a film in the next months, unless its ‘Hall Pass’ forget about it, because that is the only film anyone needs to watch this year.

Why? I hear you shout.

Farrelly Bros
Leon from Curb

Need I say more! Finally Merchant is in a big American film (excluding Tooth Fairy), surrounded by a cast of Bluenun favourites!

This is already in my top 5 all time films and I havent even seen it.

Watch the trailor and pencil it in to your diary immediately, it is out in the UK early 2011.

Malcolm Tucker’s guide to manging your public image

A nice fresh bit of Malcolm Tucker for you to promote the new book (see below, im not writing about it again)

BlueNun loves Malcolm Tucker.

The Thick Of It – The Missing DoSAC Files – Paperback Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow (4th November for those without a calendar), is the official release date for the new Thick Of It book, entitled ‘ The Missing DoSac Files’.

The book comprising of a selection of internal emails and correspondences between the characters of The Thick Of It. It is written by the writers of the series including BlueNun favourites Armando Iannucci and Jesse Armstrong, so it should actually be funny and not another crap sitcom related book (like i imagine Little Britain have released before Christmas for the last 6 years).

You can read some exclusive extracts from the book here:

Or order the book here:

A rare new interview with Chris Morris, Yeah?

Chris Morris Interview
The Sound of Young America

Wowzers, here is a rare interview with Chris Morris.

In this great interview for ‘The Sound of Young America’, Morris doesn’t just talk about his latest project ‘Four Lions’, he talks about his whole career, integrated with classic Morris sound bites.

I recommend this to all budding comedy writers as Chris goes in depth about his comedy, which is really interesting.

Chris is famous for his privacy and is known for not participating in interviews, so this is a little unusual, a real treat for any fans of Morris, it comes in the week of Four Lions’ American release.

Listen NOW!

New Alan Partridge trailer released

Here is the first trailer for the new series of Alan Partirdge for you eyes to see.

Although there is no words, the mannerisms and outfits of Partridge, still make me laugh, such is the power of Partridge.

I cant wait.

According to Armando Iannucci’s twitter, a short clip will be released soon.

Episode 1 goes live on at 11am on November 5th.