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Chris Morris to Direct Veep Episodes and HBO Releases (Short) Teaser Trailer

HBO have released a short (very short) teaser trailer for Veep. To be honest the trailer isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the fact that the series is written by Armando Iannucci, and  the fact that Armando has confirmed Chris Morris will direct some of the episodes is probably the most exciting thing in the world.

The show stars Seinfeld/Curb star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a disconbobulated vice-president, who is not content with the role.  Many are comparing the character to Sarah Palin.

As usual there is the worry with an American remake of a British idea that it might become too American, but if can trust anyone to keep it as we like it it’s Iannucci (Morris also).

For those of you who didnt make it to the end of the trailer (all 27 seconds of it), the show is coming to HBO in April 2012. It will be shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic.


Malcolm Tucker’s guide to manging your public image

A nice fresh bit of Malcolm Tucker for you to promote the new book (see below, im not writing about it again)

BlueNun loves Malcolm Tucker.

The Thick Of It – The Missing DoSAC Files – Paperback Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow (4th November for those without a calendar), is the official release date for the new Thick Of It book, entitled ‘ The Missing DoSac Files’.

The book comprising of a selection of internal emails and correspondences between the characters of The Thick Of It. It is written by the writers of the series including BlueNun favourites Armando Iannucci and Jesse Armstrong, so it should actually be funny and not another crap sitcom related book (like i imagine Little Britain have released before Christmas for the last 6 years).

You can read some exclusive extracts from the book here:

Or order the book here:

New Alan Partridge trailer released

Here is the first trailer for the new series of Alan Partirdge for you eyes to see.

Although there is no words, the mannerisms and outfits of Partridge, still make me laugh, such is the power of Partridge.

I cant wait.

According to Armando Iannucci’s twitter, a short clip will be released soon.

Episode 1 goes live on at 11am on November 5th.

Iannucci reveals ‘Out of the Window’ storyline

Armando Iannucci has today revealed details on his latest film idea, and as we have come to expect from the great man, it sounds brilliant.

The film is titled ‘Out of the Window’, it is set to be made by BBC films, who have said that the film is likely to have a significant US casting.

‘Out of the Window’ has a budget of £13.5 million at the moment.

Iannucci has said that the film is set to be a slapstick comedy in the style of early Woody Allen.

“It’s the story of a guy who works in a glass-fronted office building and one day he scratches his armpit. Somebody films it, puts it on YouTube with a soundtrack of monkey noises,” Iannucci explained.

“It ruins his life. So this guy spends the rest of the film trying to track down the b**tard who made him known the world over as Scratchy Monkey.”

Coming off the back of the fantastic ‘In the Loop’ this will have alot of people interested, Iannucci is a giant of British comedy, who at the moment can do no wrong.

Iannucci has also recently revealed that he is set to edit the new Alan Partridge online episodes.

Alan Attack! The latest photo and press release from Partridge

Sir Alan is back! This is the first promotional photo of the new Partridge internet series has been released.

The even better news (than one new picture) is that Armando Iannucci has confirmed that he has been involved in the new series of 12 eleven minute episodes.

Coogan as Alan, has told the press‘I am delighted to announce that after years as a regional broadcaster on North Norfolk Digital my groundbreaking radio segment, Mid Morning Matters, will now be accessible to a potential audience of billions via the World Wide Web (www).

‘That it has taken Foster’s to help realise my dream of joining the information superhighway is a damning indictment of the established broadcasters whose shabby treatment of me on Sept 10th 2001 was frankly shabby.  I made dozens of calls the next day, all of which were ignored’.

‘My appreciation must go to Armando Iannucci and Baby Cow for ignoring the lies, god bless them.  In the meantime I look forward to “hanging out ‘n’ chillin” with the MySpace generation’

I Cant ruddy bloody wait! (classic partridge quote)

The episode are to be broadcast from the website

Time Trumpet to be remade by Americans

Armando Iannucci’s 2006 classic ‘Time Trumpet’ is set to be remade for the American audience by US comedy channel Comedy Central.

The show which originally aired on the BBC and starred Iannucci, Stewart Lee, Richard Ayoade, Matt Holness among others, was somewhat of a cult classic, loved by many comedy fans, yet relatively unheard of compared to other Iannucci shows like I’m Alan Partridge and The Thick of it.

Whether this is good news of not, i am not sure of yet, it is a brilliant idea for a show (a spoof i love…. show set in the future) but nobody can ruin a good comedy like the Americans so we will probably have to wait and see.

The channel are to collaborate with Armando for the series which is to air late 2011. If it is ruined, we can still watch and re-watch and re-watch the original forever though because it is so good.