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Watch BBC Three’s new pilot ‘D.O.A’ before its on the telly

BBC’s comedy blog has released the latest BBC Three pilot DOA, 4 days before it is due to be shown on the channel.

D.O.A is the story of a doctor who is suspended from duty for acccidently killing someone, and is forced to become an ambulance medic.

The pilot stars Kris Marshall, who is that one from My Family.

When I heard that it was a BBC Three comedy with a My Family star in it, i didnt have high hopes, and to be honest it is a bit shit really. I definately cant be bothered to watch another episode.

If you dont want to take my word for it you can watch it here

or you can wait till 9.30 on Sunday, when it is to be broadcast.


Him and Her breaks BBC Three’s ratings record

BBC Three’s newest comedy Him and Her starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani made it’s debut on Monday night, the show brought in 567,000 viewers, breaking the channel’s record for a new sitcom’s launch.

Him and Her is produced by BigTalk Productions, which is home to Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and others. BigTalk have recently produced BBC 2 shitcom Rev and the new Micheal Cera film Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

Him and Her, which sounds really boring, didnt move from the one set for the whole episode and only used 5 characters, the directing was very good and there were more laughs than I expected, some shit jokes too and the Solemani’s character is pretty irritating, but we’d say it was worth a watch.

Ideal in 360 degrees

Not really news, but this is amazing! a 360 degree video!

Yesterday the BBC released a 360 degree video ofBBC Three sitcom Ideal being filmed.

It has boggled my mind!

Click the link below to view the video.

Bird to write Channel 4 sitcom

Simon Bird, the geek from ‘Inbetweeners’, has revealed his is to write a sitcom for Channel 4.

Hot on the heels of new BBC Three panel show ‘The King is Dead’, Bird revealed he is writing a sitcom with comedian Jonny Sweet and ‘Inbetweeners’ co-star Joe Thomas. He has never written a sitcom before but he was the president of Cambridge Footlights, so its not entirely shocking that opportunities will come his way.

Bird recently backed down from his outrageous wage demands for the up and coming ‘Inbetweeners’ film after Iain Morris’ Bwark production put out a casting call for his role.

We hate him.

Mongrels gets 2nd series

BBC Three’s Mongrels is set to return for a second series. Voice actor Dan Tetsell announced the news on his twitter site this week, “Mongrels has a second series” said Tetsell who plays a cat of some sorts in the show.

Personally I have never seen Mongrels but it is about cats that can talk and has Katie Brand in so i would imagine it is very good.