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Fuck Off Twitter Sitcoms!

Kutcher’s team of twitter arseholes have done it again! another shit twitter stream is being made into a sitcom by CBS.

CBS, known for its shit comedies, is planning on turning the twitter feed ‘Dear Girls Above Me’ into its 3rd twitter based sitcom.

The feed, created by a twat called Charlie McDowell, is a collection of hillarious messages to an imaginary group of girls living above him (and they are so stupid, you wouldnt believe)

Dear Girls Above Me, “Did you hear that all these kids were rescued in Chile after being trapped in some mountain?” Miners, not minors.

Dear GAM,”I found out he’s taking me to a 3D movie! If the glasses aren’t cute I will literally die.”

Both feeds are from Ashton Kutcher’s group Katalyst. Im not sure what that means but I read it and now I blame Kutcher.

If you are gonna do another twitter based sitcom after this CBS, at least make it something funny like @MyGRANSaBITCH