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Chris Morris to Direct Veep Episodes and HBO Releases (Short) Teaser Trailer

HBO have released a short (very short) teaser trailer for Veep. To be honest the trailer isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the fact that the series is written by Armando Iannucci, and  the fact that Armando has confirmed Chris Morris will direct some of the episodes is probably the most exciting thing in the world.

The show stars Seinfeld/Curb star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a disconbobulated vice-president, who is not content with the role.  Many are comparing the character to Sarah Palin.

As usual there is the worry with an American remake of a British idea that it might become too American, but if can trust anyone to keep it as we like it it’s Iannucci (Morris also).

For those of you who didnt make it to the end of the trailer (all 27 seconds of it), the show is coming to HBO in April 2012. It will be shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic.


Eastbound and Down – Season 2

HBO’s Eastbound and Down is set to return to US screens on Sept. 26th.

The sitcom which stars Danny McBride (from films) as an ex- baseball player who now works as a substitute teacher in one of those american ‘middle schools’.

The comedy is produced by WIll Farrell and Adam McKay’s production company Gary Sanchez Productions, and even had Farrell appear in the first season.

HBO are known for their brilliant comedies and this one is no exception, it is bizarre that there has been absolutely no mention of this comedy in the UK of yet.

If you are an American, tune in to HBO on Sept 26th, and if you are British id definitely suggest illegally downloading on Sept 27th.

Watch the preview here:

Ricky in Curb exclusive photo released

Time to get excited, Ricky Gervais has released this exclusive picture from his appearance in the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in this blog.

King Rick said “It is from a scene at a dinner party where me and Larry really don’t see eye to eye, but I can’t tell you more than that I’m afraid”

Ricky was allowed to release the picture by Larry, “They don’t usually let photos out this early but I got personal authorization from the man himself”. It seems there are perks to being best friends with every good American comedian.

I am pretty excited by this, if this isnt the funniest scene of anything i have ever seen, i will be a little dissapointed, but i think it will be, Im already laughing at ricky’s scarf.

No date has been released by HBO for season 8 yet, but it is said it will be 2011.

Read Ricky’s Blog here