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Gervais reveals whats in the pipeline

Apparently there are some people who aren’t on Twitter, and even more bizarrely apparently there are people who are on Twitter but aren’t following Ricky Gervais. Well if you are in one of these brackets, you might not know whats coming in the future from King Rick.

Don’t worry, because I am not, and I am willing to repeat him.

Gervais revealed on Twitter today that him and Merchant are planning a 2nd series of Life’s Too Short for Spring 2013 as well as an ‘Idiot Abroad’ special co-starring Warwick Davis called ‘The Short Way Round’ is planned for late next year.

Ricky didn’t mention his ‘Derek’ sitcom, although we know that this too is being planned / made.

Excellent news indeed.


King Rick graces the cover of The Big Issue

Like Gervais? Like Charity? good, then you’ll love November’s Big Issue which feature Reading’s favourite son on the cover. The issue features an in depth interview with Rick, in which he reveals “his conquering of America, being a late developer, and why he’s happy to have garnered acclaim in his 40’s”. We suggest you out and find a homeless man / woman (rarer) now and get a copy.

If you Like Gervais but don’t like charity, you could always buy Science on DVD instead, out next week.

In other Gervais news, Ricky has revealed on his blog that they have bounced an idea of Karl’s round head for series 2 of An Idiot Abroad that the Manc twat didnt actually hate. Fingers crossed.

New Gervais, Merchant and Dilkington podcast out Thursday

Good news for all Gervais fans! A new podcast is on its way to our lucky ears! The podcast entitled Karl Pilkington: A day in the life of, will be released this Thursday.

Ricky’s website says “Ricky, Steve and Karl have recorded a special free podcast to thank fans for their support over the year. This is only the second full-length podcast they have recorded this year (not counting an exclusive podcast for allied troops serving overseas)”.

“Over the past four years The Ricky Gervais Show has been downloaded 260 million times! It is the most downloaded show in history and number one in 16 countries”.

It will be available via iTunes from Thursday 28th October at midnight. We will be listening at 12.01!

Where to buy ‘An Idiot Abroad’ on DVD

Only an idiot would suggest that ‘An Idiot Abraod’ isn’t the best show of 2010, that’s why everybody should already be planning their series DVD purchase, when it comes out.

The DVD is released on the 15th of November, which gives you just under a month to save up.

Like all Ricky Gervais releases, it is timed perfectly for Christmas, which is a lucky coincidence.

If you were assuming as always Amazon would be the cheapest price, you just lost 5p pal, because i have found it cheaper for you.

Here are the places you can get it from –

Base – 12.95 – Pre-order available

Amazon – 12.99 – pre-order available

Or if you are an idiot, you could pay more and pay more delivery charges to give the money to the BBC, who blatently turned down the show, probably because it was actually funny, and they dont like that (and it didnt have Mranda Hart in it)

Karl Meets Warwick – Sneak Peek at Gervais’ Science DVD

Ricky Gervais’ lastest stand up DVD ‘Science’ is coming out on the 22nd of November- which like all stand up DVDs in the history of the world- is perfectly timed for Christmas.

Science is the 4th of Gervais’ quadrology of stand up shows, following the success of Animals, Politics and Fame.

Like on all Gervais DVDs the extras are guaranteed to be funny, and Science seems no exception especially now we know Karl Pilkington is to make an appearance.

Here’s a sneak peak from the DVD of when Karl met Warwick Davis.

‘An Idiot Abroad’ start date finally announced

Finally Sky One have told us the start date for ‘An Idiot Abroad’.

It starts Thursday 23rd September on Sky One at 9pm! As you can tell from the daily posts about this, I’m pretty excited about it!

Each trailer makes it look better and better.

“You must be excited you’re on Sky One though, stitched him right up” haha

Official ‘An Idiot Abroad’ website goes live

The official website of Karl Pilkington’s new Sky One show ‘An Idiot Abroad’ has been launched.

The website is great, it has loads of funny pictures of Karl’s travels as well as excerpts for the accompanying book.

Here is a good one from his time in Egypt:

“I was told how it was only one of the Pyramids that was a Wonder of the World, even though there are three of them, which is odd, as they all look the same. It’s the Great Pyramid that’s the official Wonder. I’d be annoyed if I was the builder who built one of the other two if my workmate was getting all the praise for building the ‘Great One’. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of the other builders who knocked the nose off the Sphinx in anger after hearing that news.”

Really cant wait for the show, which is apparently going to have 1 hour episodes also.

The website can be found at