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Man makes Larry David out of paper

Not much to say here but look at this, a man has made Larry David out of paper.

I think it is one of the best ‘Larry David made out of paper’s I have ever seen!

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Ricky in Curb exclusive photo released

Time to get excited, Ricky Gervais has released this exclusive picture from his appearance in the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in this blog.

King Rick said “It is from a scene at a dinner party where me and Larry really don’t see eye to eye, but I can’t tell you more than that I’m afraid”

Ricky was allowed to release the picture by Larry, “They don’t usually let photos out this early but I got personal authorization from the man himself”. It seems there are perks to being best friends with every good American comedian.

I am pretty excited by this, if this isnt the funniest scene of anything i have ever seen, i will be a little dissapointed, but i think it will be, Im already laughing at ricky’s scarf.

No date has been released by HBO for season 8 yet, but it is said it will be 2011.

Read Ricky’s Blog here loves Ricky, Steve and Larry! (Dont We All) has this week released its Top 10 sitcoms of the 00’s, and despite the usual rubbish that gets onto these sorts of lists (The Sarah SIlverman Program and 30 Rock to name but two) the top end of the list actually looks correct.

The top three makes a Larry David sandwich with Gervais and Merchant providing the bread. (3rd Extras, 2nd Curb and 1st The Office).

Its hard for anyone to deny that The Office was not the greatest sitcom of all time, and will certainly top almost any sitcom fans list, so that is a basically a given at No.1, and Curb Your Enthusiasm again should be expected to be right up there also especially on an american site like, Curb has definitely been the most influential sitcom of the decade and Extras finished the Top 3 proving that The Office was no fluke.

Well done, long live Gervais and Merchant!

Read the list here