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Blue Nun Classics – Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

When you think of classic comedy double acts, the first names that will spring to mind will most likely be Morecombe & Wise, The Two Ronnies and Hale & Pace.

This is because sadly somewhere down the road, television stopped showing Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and instead doubled the amount of boring Morecombe and Wise rubbish being shown.

In the 60’s and 70’s Cook and Moore were regarded as one of the greatest double acts, and people who watched them still regard them as such, its just a shame that they are little known to the newer generation of comedy fans, one of the reasons is probably the fact that they are more of an acquired taste to the family friendly Morecombe and Wise, and the television industry being the television industry, we only get to see what would get the biggest viewing figures.

I find it hard to actually relate to 70’s comedy, and usually dismiss it as out of date and tired, this is not the case with Cook and Moore who don’t sound outdated even to this day.

Please Mr. TV man, if you must show constant 70’s repeats, less Dads Army and more Cook and Moore.