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New Alan Partridge trailer released

Here is the first trailer for the new series of Alan Partirdge for you eyes to see.

Although there is no words, the mannerisms and outfits of Partridge, still make me laugh, such is the power of Partridge.

I cant wait.

According to Armando Iannucci’s twitter, a short clip will be released soon.

Episode 1 goes live on at 11am on November 5th.


Alan Attack! The latest photo and press release from Partridge

Sir Alan is back! This is the first promotional photo of the new Partridge internet series has been released.

The even better news (than one new picture) is that Armando Iannucci has confirmed that he has been involved in the new series of 12 eleven minute episodes.

Coogan as Alan, has told the press‘I am delighted to announce that after years as a regional broadcaster on North Norfolk Digital my groundbreaking radio segment, Mid Morning Matters, will now be accessible to a potential audience of billions via the World Wide Web (www).

‘That it has taken Foster’s to help realise my dream of joining the information superhighway is a damning indictment of the established broadcasters whose shabby treatment of me on Sept 10th 2001 was frankly shabby.  I made dozens of calls the next day, all of which were ignored’.

‘My appreciation must go to Armando Iannucci and Baby Cow for ignoring the lies, god bless them.  In the meantime I look forward to “hanging out ‘n’ chillin” with the MySpace generation’

I Cant ruddy bloody wait! (classic partridge quote)

The episode are to be broadcast from the website

Partridge returns for 10 online episodes

Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge is set to return in ten 12 minute episodes, which will be aired on the internet to promote Fosters Beer.

Fosters, who are the new sponsors of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival are developing their move into comedy further by bringing back some of Britain’s best loved comedies, the Fast Show is another that is rumoured to be returning.

Coogan’s Baby Cow Productions will be producing the episodes, but it is understood that Coogan has been paid significantly by Fosters for the return.

There is no news yet whether Armando Iannucci and Peter Baynham will return to write with Coogan.

It is not just the online episodes to look forward too, according to IMDB, Alan Partridge : The Movie is in development, and scheduled for a 2011 release.

Although the mention of Partridge is always good news for a blog named after a Partridge reference, we have to worry that maybe the large sums of money might have persuaded Coogan to bring back Partridge when he was not ready to come back.

We hope not, we love Alan.

Coogan and Brydon Reunite As Themselves (Again)

Just when you thought Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan couldnt do anything wrong (well Brydon anyway) they have decided to make yet another Curb Your Enthusiasm style comedy, even though its hard to imagine Brydon and Coogan doing something bad, is another sitcom about the life of celebrities really what anybody wants to see at the moment? The reaction to Simon Amstell’s Grandma’s House would suggest not.

Although having said that, this preview clip that has been released reminds us that Rob Brydon’s “Im the best at  impressions” gag will be funny forever so why cant sitcoms about celebrities be funny forever aswell, lets just hope it can live upto Curb, Extras or even Robs’s own Annually Retentive.

The Trip, set to be release in the autumn, is produced by Coogan’s Baby Cow productions is directed by Michael Winterbottom, who directed the two in 2005’s A Cock and Bull Story.

Video – (Note – tried embedding just the video for about an hour, i think it is impossible though, if not it is extremely difficult)